April 28, 2009

Shopping in Zagreb

So every once in a while I need a vacation and we all know vacation also means it's time to shop!! Here's my new Teolo purse by Aldo, bought on sale in Zagreb :D
P.S. I also found this awesome store called Magma in the middle of the city: 4 floors full of goodies. I got myself a supersoft pair of black highwaist Topshop leggings (I like to fold the top part over). Best part: they offer a 10% student discount! Discounts make a shopaholic happy :)Oh, and, last but not least, the bf gave me a new awesome pair of flipflops to start the summer! I looooove, love, looooove flipflops.

April 22, 2009

90210 style

In honor of the new 90210 premiering in Germany last Saturday, and giving me something worth watching on German TV other than Gossip Girl on lazy Saturday afternoons, here's an awesome outfit from the show.

Silver's American Apparel figure skater dress on the first episode:
dress: American Apparel
Buy it here. I think it looks best in the charcoal color shown here and I could totally see myself wearing it with black leggings, maybe sheer ones, with a belt...it's a perfect layering piece that shows off your figure, at the same time combined with a cute longer necklace it makes a great party dress. I also saw it on Jazmine on the "Taking the Stage" finale in a raspberry color paired with some leggings to the knee.

I love... short summer dresses!

Here are some of my favorite fashionista outfits :)

Lauren Conrad

love this dress she wore to last year's MTV's VMAs,
need to find one in that shape!

dress: Pogah Couture,
shoes: Sergio Rossi

bag: Kara Ross

I love black & white combinations,
they look so classy!

(I have similar ballerinas from Italy
but I still need to find the perfect white dress!)

Rachel Bilson

L: almost black & white...
with a splash of turquoise
dress: Abaete

R: I like laid-back colors like this, love the bubble shape of the dress and the red belt!
dress: Brian Reyes

April 17, 2009

Spring is here - time for some Eco-chic!

I found the perfect flip flop/ sandal for this season! And yes, you have read it right: they're eco-friendly. What am I talking about? Keep on reading...

They're from Gisele Bundchen's new 2009 Ipanema GB2 line. I have spent days, months, years of my life with my toes in flip flops and have worn out the cheap gummy ones in all colors of the rainbow from Old Navy all the way to shiny black & cork soled ones by Tommy Hilfiger. And let's just say this: No one can do flip flops like the Brazilians can! =)

They go really well with skinny jeans in the spring, shorts and even dressy skirts and dresses. I already know I'll have those on my feet all summer. They are the first flip flops that come close to my sporty Puma ones in terms of comfort, except they look chic on top of being totally soft and comfy! I like how they still have a tiny bit of a heel, without being as ugly as the big chunky platform flip flops I've seen around. (Although there are some platform ones in this line as well, I still don't seem to get platform flip flops).

I got the black/brown ones with the back strap. They retail for about $15-20 or 9.95-39.95 Euros (in Germany at Gรถrtz or Salamander).

And, best of all, you actually help protect the rainforest by buying them, as a portion of the proceeds will benefit Brazil's Save the Xingu Waters campaign. Love them!

Enjoy the spring!

Decorate Your Neck!

This winter left me with a new obsession with scarves. During spring the lighter, bright versions serve as the perfect addition to any spring outfit, keeping you warm on a chilly night without having to bring out that old winter turtleneck (just pair it with a cute long sleeve shirt), adding some pizzazz to black & white outfits.

Here are some of my favorites by Banana Republic, Forever 21 and Old Navy:
Forever 21, $7.90
(love the laid back summer spirit of this one!)

Old Navy, $12.50

Forever 21, $8.80
(perfect with dark jeans & white T-shirt!)

Banana Republic $59
(perfect with a work outfit: dark grey dress pants, white blouse)

Have fun shopping!

P.S. You can also wear a colorful scarf as a cute headband or a solid color one around your hips, as a belt or attach it to a purse for some color.

April 16, 2009

Welcome to my closet ;)

I love fashion and everything around it! Ok, I'm not gonna pretend I'm into all those high fashion labels and love all about them, but I still love love love clothes and love dressing like I come from a beach city in Cali or a going to a brunch in Manhattan. :)

Fashion doesn't have to be odd, uniform, expensive, uncomfortable, for skinny people only. Combine basics from H&M with expensive pieces, wear flipflops to work, ditch the Ralph Lauren/ Lacoste/ TH polo shirts, wear your tube top as a skirt, make your own accessories, have handbags for every season and outfit, rock your own style!

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” - Coco Chanel

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