August 9, 2009


One of my newest style inspiration is nobody less than.... drums, please... good ole Bachelorette Jillian Harris. Yes, I have to admit into being sucked into terribly cheesy and mind numbing reality TV and competition shows on lazy Sunday afternoons (considering there is no shopping to be done on sundays in Germany because stores are legally prohibited to be open that day, forgive me for this silly obsession). So, Jillian. It all started with the boots, and it all ends with the boots. In one of the first episodes she's shown wearing these awesome-I-need-to-have-them boots that cut off right below the knee (I think her outfits were the biggest reason to actually keep watching the whole season). After seasons of ankle boots, mid-calf boots and now thigh-high boots I found them a nice happy medium for fall and winter in Europe, something I could actually see myself wearing - which I can't exactly say about these. I just wouldn't be able to think of a way that actually makes them look not hookerish... at least off-red-carpet. ;)

Thank God for crazy bloggers, shoppers, and spotting geniuses (for similarly obsessed readers, may I recommend the Dana, the possessionista's blog), it only took me a few minutes to find out Jillian's boots were actually by Aldo (Flosand boot).

I wasn't as much obsessed with their fiery red color, but with the way they fit loosely around the leg, the thicker heel for longer comfortable walking and the cut that makes them easy to pair with pretty much anything: a short dress, shorts or stuffing your skinny jeans in them. I'm in love! :)

Unfortunately they were at first only available at Aldo's Canada stores, but, I guess their business sense kicked in after the response to Jillian wearing them, then they made them available anywhere. Next: they were sold out. Since I don't have access to an Aldo store anyways, I sort of forgot about them and enjoyed my vacay and happy summer days. Until I went on a major shopping spree and was so happy to find the perfect boots at Zara! They're a bit more scrunched up than Aldo's version but they come in black (and gray) and are just perfect. No, they're not leather, but then again, my budget wouldn't have allowed that kind of expense anyways...

However, and I realize there are a lot of ups and downs in this entry, I came home and sort of realized that I might have bought them a size too small... :( So tomorrow it's back to Zara to hopefully exchange them for a size bigger :) And then there will be photographic evidence of my prey ;)

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