October 15, 2009

Around the World: I amsterdam

Today I'd like to finally start on my series of blog posts about travel destinations "Around the world". I'm not sure whether I should include my dream destinations - places I'd like to visit in the future - what do you think? For now I'll stick to sharing my experiences, photos and memories of places I've actually been. Obviously I will include many beaches - my favorite place! :)

Traveling literally means the world to me. Since I was little I always loved going on trips and luckily enough my parents already gave me the opportunity to see a lot of places across Europe when I was a kid. When I turned 15, nothing could stop me from pursuing my dream to go to the US for a year - my American dream. And this year, being young and away from friends and family, has not stopped my hunger for more and more travel adventures. I've made new friends, no matter where I went and although I'm not one to experiment much with foreign cuisine, I do appreciate all other facets of foreign cultures so much. In fact, it is my - maybe silly sounding but at least ambitious - goal to see every country in the world during my life. What can I say, little girl, big dreams: that's me!

A as in ..... Amsterdam.

After this intro to my destination series I'd like to share impressions from my latest trip: I just got back from sunny Amsterdam!

All images: own

My favorite things to do and see in Amsterdam:
  • Van Gogh museum
  • Current exhibition of elephants all over the city
  • Bikes everywhere
  • Barhopping around Rembrandt Square
  • Walking around the whole city by foot across thousands of beautiful bridges over the canals
  • Shopping at Bershka (part of the Zara empire, hasn't made it to Germany yet)
  • Going to see Anouk live in concert (she's Dutch and my favorite singer, you MUST check her music out if you don't know her already!)
  • Walking by all the little flower shops und buying some beautiful tulips
  • Park&Ride - ecofriendly & fresh air!

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