May 23, 2009

Ocean at Home

We all know my love for the beach, beach themed decoration (without being cheesy!) and clothing in ocean colors. As a late Mother's Day gift I decided to pick up a few goodies and make a nice little eye-catching decoration for my mother. Tadaaaa!
It's fairly easy and cheap to accomplish. Buy floating candles (these here are scented, blueberry and, of course, ocean breeze), get a big round vase, preferably no bulgy shape and arrange shells and stones from the beach on the bottom. Add water, then cautiously put the candles in (don't get them wet, they might get tough to lite) and pick some flowers right by the end of the stem so they can float in the water. I will try and take pics at night, it looks beautiful because the flames are mirrored in the glass.

Edit: here are the by night pictures (sorry for the bad quality - only had my cell cam available)

1 comment:

Lav said...

very pretty and thoughtful gift!

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