May 11, 2009

Spring Smiles

Spring, here I come! Now, if would just please stop raining like there's no tomorrow.... Today is Monday. And yes, I got up and went shopping.... benefit of being a student :D I love to shop, but I hate going to H&M on a Saturday afternoon (no Sunday shopping hours in Europe!), it looks like a fashion war in there, or Zara with clothes piled up in dusty cabins, people sweating because the store is packed and they have to wait in line for a dressing room for half an hour! No, definitely not my favorite shopping experience. Then again, I was really shocked as to how big the spectrum of the friendliness scale of salespeople was today, on my quiet Monday noon shopping spree. At Zara, the saleslady at the register didn't even bother saying hello (not even after I said it to her) let alone look up at me. When I asked another salesperson to get a tunic in my size from the stock room, she didn't even pay attention to me and when she finally came back with it, she almost gave it to one of the other 2 people in the store at that moment. Wow. At H&M, however, the lady in the dressing room was so sweet, she even explained to me that they did have the zebra dress from the posters at some point and that it was only a few of them. We ended up chatting about other nice dresses and it really made me think, does Zara not find it necessary to hire some friendly people that do not look like they are punished when doing their job?! I can't imagine that H&M's paying much better... Smiles don't cost anything! :)

Anyways, I am in love with the H&M dress I got. I tried it on with my black Topshop leggins and it looked awesome and I can't wait to wear it without leggins when it's warm again. I prefer dresses with straps, you can just wear a black bra underneath this one and don't have to go through the whole pulling-the-top-part up mission that comes along with tube dresses.

dress: H&M

Then I also got this cute beachy shirt (yes, all shades of blue are my favorite, it just reminds me of being at the beach, by the ocean), which is a bit on the long and wide side, perfect with leggins or dark blue skinny jeans. Wouldn't necessarily wear the white denim leggins I got for only 25 Euros with that shirt though. But when I saw them, I had to get them: white jeans are a must-have for this summer. They always look fresh and put you in a relaxed mood.

comfy shirt & denim leggins with ankle zipper: Zara

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Lav said...

love the shirt and jeans...

put dress on and take a picture!!!!

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