September 28, 2009

And then there were more boots

How awesome would these Colin Stuart grey suede boots look with a pair of tights from my previous post? They give you three options of wearing them: scrunched up, over the knee (one of this fall's hottest trends) or folded over. Get em here. I never realized Victoria's Secret had such a great variety of nice shoes, especially boots!

Also found these pretty cute:

And these crazy ass wedge sandals:

all images via Victoria's Secret
On another note... I just found out that the Shopping Card promotion offered by the German Glamour magazine would give me 20% off on Hunter boots. Unfortunately the particular store only has them in purple or green. I'd really prefer navy or black. Maybe I should just wait until I can go stateside and get them cheaper and in a better variety ;) And: Can anyone tell me why in the world uggs sell for 219-269 Euros over here?! They're not even made out of any leather or something that would justify that price range.

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