September 29, 2009

Living green

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Jade is new nail polish color of the season. I've been a fan of nail polish ever since I was little - my best friend S and I used to paint our nails in the brightest colors with letters and details that involved hours of work - for our each of our birthdays one would paint H-A-P-P-Y on the left hand and B-D-A-Y-! on the right hand of the other one and we were always on the look-out for the most glittery and most outrageous colors, preferably green. We were such big dorks! Good times that will always be remembered, though.

This new nail polish color trend was started by Chanel's Fall/ Winter runway looks and is more like a green for adults, more subtle than any of the flasks we owned and collected back then ever was.

 image via Nitrolicious

I really like it! It's a nice way of prepping up a casual outfit or to go with black and white outfits that I love so much. Since it's limited edition it might not be as easy to get (and at $25/ bottle too pricey for many wallets), so you could also try mixing your own DIY-version using green and white lacquers. They also came out with a Jade Rose version, which, in my opinion does not look much different from any of the traditional rose nail polish used for French manicures if you ask me. But Jade! I could totally see myself wearing it to the beach, it would look so nice with tanned skin and my Matthew Williamson for H&M bikini! Ooooh, I miss the beach, and summer for that matter *sigh*.

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